School Visits

Tours are optional and require additional fees:

  • $50 by October 19, 2018

  • $65 by January 16, 2019

  • $75 after January 16, 2019

No registrations will be accepted after February 1, 2019.

Date: Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Time: Site visit start time is noted in the description. Duration is 2.5 hours. 

Bring your ID for security protocols and wear comfortable walking shoes.  Enter all schools through the main entrance for sign-in.

School Descriptions and Locations

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E.E. Waddell Language Academy

visit starts 8:45 am (limited to 32)

E. E. Waddell Language Academy (WLA) started in 1992 as the second immersion program in NC. WLA is a public K-8 magnet school with a full immersion program in the lower classes. The immersion languages offered are German, French, Japanese, and Chinese. English Language Arts is added in 3rd grade for all languages. In Middle School immersion is limited to Language Arts continuation with third and fourth languages being offered including Spanish. Students are offered the opportunity to participate in student exchanges for all languages. WLA is intensely connected with international organizations, government representations, and universities. It has been recognized nationally by ACTFL and Magnet Schools of America.  For more information about our school, visit our website at

Map link: 7030 Nations Ford Road, Charlotte, NC 28217

Oaklawn Language Academy

visit starts 9:15 am (limited to 40)

Oaklawn Language Academy is a full magnet program offering language immersion education in Spanish for grades K – 8.  Our school’s vision focuses on the promotion of bilingualism, bi-literacy and multicultural proficiency through global and diverse learning, rigor, relevance and engagement.  The outcome is a student body made up of not only capable scholars, but ones who respect and value others’ points of view, ethnic, national and cultural differences.  For more information about our school, visit our website at

Map link:

Carl A. Furr Elementary

visit starts 8:30 am (limited to 20)

Spanish Dual Language 50/50.  These programs group native speakers of English with native speakers of the target language. The mix is approximately 50% of each group and both become bilingual, bi-literate and bicultural. Instruction is provided both in English and in the target language on alternate days.  There are a variety of models, and percentages like 90/10 and 50/50 are used to refer to how much of the instruction at different grade levels is conducted in the target language versus how much is given in English. The model we will use at Furr Elementary is a 50/50 model so that equal instruction is provided in both English and Spanish.  For more information on our program, please visit

Map link:

Collinswood Language Academy

Visit starts 9:00 am (limited to 20)

We are the first public Magnet Spanish Dual-Language program in North Carolina, currently serving a diverse K-8 population from the Charlotte area.  We strive to cultivate proficient biliterate and bilingual students who celebrate multicultural diversity.  We've been named a Magnet School of Excellence and are an International Spanish Academy (ISA).  Our school was featured in the Thomas and Collier red and green books and were honored to have them visit our campus. For more information about our school, visit our website at

Map link:

Shiloh Elementary & Sun Valley Elementary

visit starts 8:30 (limited to 30)

Shiloh and Sun Valley Elementary public schools are located side-by-side in Union County. The Spanish immersion model is a one-way ‘90-10’ model for Kindergarten through Grade 5. English is formally introduced in grade 2. Spanish is the language of instruction for language arts, math, science and social studies in all grades. Program graduates entered Grade 6 at the middle school in Fall 2018.  More information can be found here, Shiloh: and Sun Valley:

Map link:

Unionville Elementary

visit starts 8:30 am (limited to 30)

Unionville Elementary's one-way Spanish immersion program began in August 2013 in a traditional, rural public school with mostly English speakers in Union County. There is one DLI class per grade level from Kindergarten through Grade 5. Under the direction of the current principal, the school earned the 'Model Global Ready School Designation' from the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction.  For more information about our schools, please visit

Map link:

Cherry Park Elementary

visit starts 8:30 am (limited to 40)

Cherry Park Elementary School of Language Immersion opens in January 2019.  It is a 50/50 program with French and Spanish as target languages.  Language immersion was started in Rock Hill School District seven years ago and our first group of students are now in the sixth grade.  We currently have 650 students in the elementary program and Cherry Park has capacity for 900.  CPES is a LEED certified building and is one of the most environmentally friendly schools in the Charlotte area.  We are connected to Sullivan Middle School which allows for collaboration and articulation of programs.  We are located directly across the street from Cherry Park, one of our most beautiful recreation areas in Rock Hill.  For more information about our World Language programs, you can go to

Map link:

South Mecklenburg High

visit starts 8:00 am (limited to 40)

South Mecklenburg HS's international language program provides an environment that offers students an opportunity to gain a global perspective and an appreciation of the history, language, and culture of other nations. With the mission to develop a biliterate and bilingual student, our academy implements an intensive curriculum in the target language that addresses the goals and objectives of the North Carolina Standard Course of Study for each grade level. The school also provides exposure to special magnet theme-related activities and encourages collaboration between our school and international communities.  Our world language program serves as the continuation of the K-8 World Language programs for Spanish, French, German, Japanese and Chinese as well as an entry point for new language learners.  For more information about our school, visit our website at

Note: Bring your ID for security protocols and wear comfortable walking shoes. Enter all schools through the main entrance for sign-in.

Enjoy your visit!